Mix Master You takes your project through the whole process of mixing and mastering, using screen recording and real time feedback. Virtually right next to the engineer watch your file transform into a track ready for release. Demystifying


A fresh set of ears can do wonders for your project. During the mixing process we will take your tracks and put in what it needs to take it to the next level. To really hit it on the nose we will have a chat session where we’ll go over reference tracks. This way we know exactly which ingredients are needed and if necessary we can also co-produce, re-record and help with general arrangement and composition.

With our technical profession, we demystify those ingredients and incorporate them in your own track and take it to the next level.

The final step to getting the most out of your track is mastering. Mastering is a dark art to most but we will show you exactly how it’s done and why. You will hear your song being enhanced from maximum potential through mixing to maximum quality through mastering.

In the mastering stage the intended playback location is important. Will it be on YouTube? Spotify? Vinyl? Each platform has its own limitations. For example a vinyl master has different limitations than a high fidelity digital cinema package. Often people wonder: ‘Do you really need expensive external gear?’ and ‘What does tape-saturation do to my track?’ These are just a handful of the things we will show you at Mix Master You.






It was simple getting in touch with Guido to have my track mixed and mastered. Not only was it great getting feedback on it, but Guido also provided videos with every update on the process. This helps me as a producer as I am able to apply his teachings to future tracks that I produce. The final product was not just an audio file. The whole project was resent to me so that I can take a look at what has been done to achieve the final result. Would recommend to friends.



I first came across Guido (Catandbeats) through a Samplephonics YouTube video where he took samples and made a complete track. I was really inspired by his work and how informative he was through the process that I reached out and asked for advice on a track I had been working on. I sent over the project and we communicated through out the mixing and mastering process which was all very smooth. Not only did he bring life to my music but blessed me with knowledge with any questions I had. What better way to learn than 1 on 1 with YOUR music and all at an affordable price. People pay thousands for this kind of advice! The shared screen videos were detailed and enjoyable to watch and I have the completed project if i ever want to go back for future collaborations or edits. Music has now become exciting to write and my workflow is smooth from everything I learned. Thank you Guido!


Dax Franzen

"Working with Peter from Elektronik Motion has been a blast, Peter sure knows what he is doing and above all has an ear and an open heart for all kinds of good music and so no musical taboos here. Production value is top shelf and most importantly Peter knows when to take the time and is not afraid to put his hours in order to make sure that what goes out there is of the quality that the music and the vision deserves; you can rest assured you’re in good hands that deal in quality rather then quantity. unless you’re on a roll of course, Peter Delivers!"



Guido has been phenomenal to work with, over the past year he has worked on half a dozen of tracks for me and not only is the quality of the work exceptional, the videos that come with the finished product have been instrumental for me in learning the ins and outs of mixing. Guido is very thorough and has a nack for explaining things in an easy to grasp manner. Not only has he been a great engineer to work with, he's been a great mentor for me in learning how to properly use my DAW. I've learned more from the videos sent back with my projects than any YouTube tutorial or other online resource. He's easy to work with, communicates well, and delivers on time. I will continue to use his services as long as I am making music.



Guido was instrumental in helping point out parts of my mix and master that had problems. The video series he created for Bassgorilla was very in depth and fully explained his professional mixing and mastering process. Throughout the process he was very easy to communicate with. I could tell he really cares about helping artists create amazing work!


Production Music Live

‘Zeger's work at Production Music Live has always been of outstanding quality in terms of sound design, mixing and mastering. He keeps delivering templates of professional quality and amazes us each time he drops something new.’

Cat & Beats

Guido Werner was born with headphones on his head and as soon as he could walk he was playing drums. When his drumming was coherent enough he played in every band he could and realized that being able to loop was going to give endless possibilities (pun intended). He soon figured out that an MPC could do just that. Logically sampling the most odd things became an obsession and soon enough beats were sold all over and of course the high school bands became rap formations instead.

From those days he slowly moved his way into studios where he worked in advertising. However he found himself with his cat on his desk and started a YouTube channel named CatandBeats. With his cat he made countless of videos and started reverse engineering music. Over time this lead to ghost producing mixing and mastering for artist big and small from all over the world.

“I tend to clarify things”

Guido was also one of the original creators of hello Live and the very site you are on now. The concept of showcasing the mixing and mastering process is something he has been doing since he launched his channel. To get to know Guido more check out his interview with BassGorilla, or see his sessions on Samplephonics.


Peter Boonstra

Peter started out at as Freelancer 1988 as an inexperienced engineer and has since established himself as a solid accomplished and innovative mix & master engineer. In his role as engineer and partner in the business, he directs the creative and technical development of the facility while continuing to work his magic behind the console.

Peter specializes in pioneering for mixing, mastering and playing a key role in the development of new technology used in a progressive way of mixing and experimenting. Peter’s today favorites are “Moderat”, “Howling”, “Front242”, and “Agnus Obel”,

‘If you see me talking to myself don’t be alarmed, I’m getting expert advice’

Peter’s knowledge and insight are also well appreciated by his colleagues. He’s been an active and positive energy in the studio. The list of clients includes such notable companies; “Visser & Smit Hanab”, “BNP Paribas”, “Canon”, “Onetrail”, and bands such as; “sonicmph, akashik, U-Tom, Wilfried de Punk, etc …and labels.

Zeger de Vos

Growing up in the suburbs of Amsterdam, Zegers musical life started out with producing Hip Hop beats and later playing jazz drums. It was during his bachelor degree in music and technology that he got in touch with the fields of experimental electronic music and composing for film.

Zeger is fascinated by the atmospheric qualities of sound. He is always seeking to immerse the listener in sonic worlds by a unique sound design, which he finds in the areas of (dub) techno or ambient music. For Zeger, mixing and mastering are both forms of macro level sound design and are always intertwined with the composition process. He is the one in the studio fiddling with his modular synth, creating microsounds out of a granular synthesizer or enjoying the warm grittiness of analog tape.

‘If it sounds good, it’s going to be great’

Zeger specializes in Ambient music and Techno. Lush pads, crisp glitches, dark drones and inharmonic hits, are just a few of the textures you’ll hear around him. His latest album Expired Sceneries showcases his craftsmanship in designing and composing with those sounds. Apart from Mix Master You he is currently scoring films, performing his music live under his own name and researching the role of music and sound in Virtual Reality. He holds the degree of Master of Arts with distinction in composition.




How does this work?

In short we mix and master your file while screen recording. This gives you a unique insight into mixing and mastering. We cover the whole process and can go in to depth about any topic. You will literally see your file transform and understand each step. For us to work the best it is important we talk about your project either over Skype or via email. It’s also important to get a few reference tracks so we can a/b. Once done you get your project file back, a master wav file and all the video footage. We can always go over the track again to adjust details.

What software do you guys run?

We can run Pro Tools, Logic or Ableton Live the latter being the preferred DAW of choice. For mixing purposes we can work with native plug ins or Slate Digital, Waves Complete, Fab Filter, Izotope Neutron, T-Racks, Native Instruments, McDSP, U-he and Brainworx. For mastering purposes we can work with native plug ins Ozone 7, Dynameter and the previously mentioned plug ins. On top of this we can also work with almost any plug in you own but we do not work with UAD. We can also work with any vst regarding the creation of music. Whatever you want to learn regarding vst’s we got you covered.

What are the costs?

At Mix Master You we believe in transparency that is one of the reasons we record while we work. This way you get to see exactly how long it takes for the file to be completed. That being said most projects take around 4 to 6 hours per track. Sometimes it’s more sometimes it is less. That is why we keep an hourly rate of 40 Euro an hour. Which can be paid via Paypal, Credit Card, or Direct bank transfer.

How do I get my file to you?

Please email us before you send your files so we can hear the project and have a chat about it.

Email us at:


Have questions or would like to get started? Send us an email and let’s get going